photo eight

Cleaning mackerel
July, 2014

photo six

Digging for clams at low tide
July, 2013

photo three

Composting ferns
Sep, 2015

photo two

Making solar ovens in Mexico
March, 2015

photo one

Checking oil on the Sea of Cortez
Feb, 2012

photo seven

If you're here for solar ovens or solar cooking, you need For our fermented whole wheat bread website, the link is: And if you're looking for the Trump Dump, go here. More links below.

Because I migrate between the highlands of central Mexico in winter and coastal Nova Scotia in summer, my activities are necessarily spread out. A good part of most days I'm out splitting logs, fixing a boat, fishing, gathering, or otherwise tracking down good food. The hunter gatherer lifestyle is invigorating and beautiful, but makes having a streamlined CV difficult. Sorry.

Apart from hunter gathering, I'm a writer, designer, metal-worker, carpenter, programmer, electrician and so on. My focus is designing and building ergonomic systems that cost little or nothing to run and last a lifetime. For instance, my Mexican solar ovens (, are futuristic metal birds (with some dinosaur thrown in) that sit in the sun all day making delicious stews and deserts and jams and soups at zero cost for year after year. You get the idea. started as a distributed sharing economy social network that was exploring how to create a decentralized economy (and currency) that wasn't pre-programmed to destroy our water, air, soil and wildlife. Now it's morphed into a virtual bulletin board that works like a perpetual motion machine. The more you put in, the more you get out, and then, at a certain point, it generates so much momentum that it starts producing its own fuel. After that it chugs along forever making the world a wealthier, friendlier, and healthier place. (Unfortunately my hosting service has now disabled the site because it's not SSL compliant, ie. "secure".)

I do most of my designing and writing in collaboration with my wife, Aly. If you want to know more about her have a look at or our bread-making website. Aly is interests in diet, nutrition, solar cooking, health and more. She's the kind of woman who spends days hauling wheelbarrows of seaweed up from our beach and spreading it on our garden. She's also an awesome cook, crocheting genius, and the most intuitive and loving person I know.

Once you're in Mexico, you might be interested in seeing two low-cost ergonomic houses I/we designed and partly built in Guanajuato: It's the second web site I ever designed so apologies for its clunkiness.

Here's some other stuff about me. I grew up in London and Paris. I have dual British and American nationality. I went to Pimlico School and Oxford University (LMH PPE). In my twenties I was a foreign exchange trader for five years. After that I left to spend the next fifteen years, through my thirties and into my forties, writing novels I never published... and exploring the world, reading widely, thinking, while living in places like Bolivia, Indonesia, Australia, Spain, Kenya and Greece. Making money gradually became a non-issue. I found the best way to get rich was to move to a more beautiful and healthy environment (see The Trump Dump for a tongue-in-cheek condensation of my socio-political philosophy.) I prefer people, experiences, and being out in the wild with Aly and Folly, our dog.

Okay, that's me done. I don't use Facebook or Twitter, so if you want to contact me send me an email at: Otherwise you can probably find me out in my boat fishing, writing in my cabin, or wandering around town with a plank over my shoulder. Come by for a feast some time!